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Hugo Chavez at Copenhagen Conference


Chavez, calling it like he sees it

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez links capitalism to the current state of global environmental degradation during an address on FORA.TV at the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen.”A ghost is stalking the streets of Copenhagen…it’s capitalism, capitalism is that ghost,” says Chavez. He mentions in his address, a placard that demonstrators were holding up outside the conference building, which stated “Don’t change the climate, change the system”. He also stated, “If climate change were the banks, they would have saved it.”

Raw Milk as Food Rights Catalyst


By: D.R. Richards

"Where's the Food?"*

We just attended a talk, sponsored by the Weston A. Price Foundation, given by author David Gumpert, who wrote The Raw Milk Revolution. The main point we took away from this informative talk was that raw milk is at the center of an issue about Americans loosing their right to choose what they eat and drink.
Says Gumpert, “The framers of the U.S. Constitution did not include the right to eat and drink what you wished. It wasn’t placed along the right to bear arms or to assemble¬† becuase growing your own food or purchasing it from your neighbors was a given”.¬† Gumpert also stated that international agencies such as the World Bank and others were trumping national laws via agreements and treaties that were eliminating U.S. sovereignty on such issues. This seems a bit hard to believe but true, at least on the food front.¬† To learn more or purchase The Raw Milk Revolution, see the publisher’s website. The book comes highly recommended from audience members who had read it. * Title of another interesting book written years ago on the subject of food supply rights.