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Machu Picchu’s Capacity to Withstand Tourism


Peruviians on a Balcony - In the '90's

I took my first clients to Peru, on our first program ever for Mountain Spirit Institute in 1998. Who would have thought there would be the numbers at Machu Picchu that there are now. Who would have imagined the wholesale tour companies, that have transformed sleepy little islands such as Amantani, could change things so much. Being there in ’98 was sure different that it is today. It was right after the Shining Path and been put down. Back then, one didn’t need guides to do the Inca Trail, and the prices were affordable. So what to do? Hmmm. I love Peru, but I think we’ll have to go more into the bush, back beyond the hordes, shy away from the beaten path, or “Gringo Hiway” as they call it. There is much to see in Peru and like any popular place, go an hour or two off the beaten path, and you’re in “no-man’s land”. Also, see my post on Amantani in this blog.
R. Richards, Editor

One Million Tourists Visit Machu Picchu in 2011
by Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES
The ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, uncovered from overgrowth and obscurity 100 years ago by U.S. explorer Hiram Bingham, will have received at least one million tourists by the end of this year, according to Percy Canales, president of the National Chamber of Tourism, Canatur.

The number of visitors represents a 30 percent hike over last year — when 660,000 people visited the site— and is undoubtedly due in part to the mass promotional campaign surrounding the centennial.  Of the total, 70 percent will have been foreign travelers and the remainder Peruvians, particularly school groups.  The larger number of foreigners were visitors from the United States, Spain and Japan.

Canales said that the number of tourists was expected to increase read the rest of this story..

Peru: Protests Against Illegal Gold Mining


Tourists Leave Puno Amid Escalating Protests

By: Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES
More than 200 tourists who were stranded in southern Peru’s Puno department due to protests against mining activities have managed to leave the area, according to the president of the Regional Chamber of Tourism (Caretur), Manuel Quiñones.
The tourists were able to leave the region through the airport at Juliaca, state news agency Andina reported.
“The tourists, mostly Europeans, traveled to Cusco, Lima and others to Arequipa,” Quiñones said.
Many of the tourists, taken out of Puno on the small launches to visit the Uros and Taquile and Amantaní islands, spent a night on the islands and sought other exits from Puno the following day, while others returned to the city of Puno in the evening and went ashore at different hotel piers under dark, a lakefront source told, Read the rest of this story..

New Book on Amantani Island, Peru


Book on Amantani, Peru

Amantani en el Titikaka by native Amantani islander Marcelino Yucra Pacompia is available in local bookstores in Puno, Peru, and on the island of Amantani, Lake Titicaca, and possibly via the publisher’s website.

This first book available to the public on Amantani Island, is published in Spanish. It covers the geography, attractions, history, culture and customs, natural history plus social and political aspects of the island. Is also includes an important piece on the concept of Ayni or reciprocity, key the sense of community on the island.

Mountain Spirit Institute recommends this book as a good primer before visiting the island. We will see what we can do to have the book available on our website’s Fair Trade webpage.

Spontaneous Musical Mentorship


Traditional Folklore Band Director from Cusco Inspires Local Young Musicians on Lake Titicaca Island

Guillermo Seminario while co-leading a Mountain Spirit Institute program on Lake Titicaca’s Amantani Island last July,  spontaneously struck up a musical conversation with a few of the island’s budding local musicians. The children were playing along side a path in the small hamlet of Pueblo, when the MSI group passed by. When the kids started playing their instruments, Seminario, a professional musician, joined in.  Seminario directs the Mountain Spirit Institute USA/Peruvian Music Exchange, performs, teaches and tours in the Northeastern U.S. with his band Chimu Inka and plays with his band in Cusco Peru. It was a magic moment, watching the kids play with Guillermo…….

MSI Director Writes Article for Travel Assoc.


Richards Writes Article for Sustainable Travel International Assoc.
MSI Founder R. Richards was invited to write an article for Sustainable Travel International, an association to which MSI belongs. Richards returned to Amantani Island, Lake Titicaca, Peru shortly after having led a program to the island in July of this year.
When Richards mentioned some troubling trends he’d observed on the island, to Sustainable Travel International’s Val Vanderpool, she asked him to write an article on what he’d seen during a second trip back to the island in August. Richards went back to not only observe trends and interview islands about the state of tourism in their villages and homes, but to find families willing to host MSI particpants for future programs. Read the article.

Peru Program Almost full for ’09

Guillermo Seminario

Guillermo Seminario

We have one or two more spots for our July 12th trip to Peru.
MSI starting running programs to Peru in 1998 and R. Richards had been high altitude guiding for some years prior to that on Aconcogua and Huascaran and Ecuador’s volcanoes for Alpine Ascents International. Although there are some mountaineering and glacier experience programs on the books, (keep an eye out for New Zealand and Peru), this trip will be a cultural exploration and connection with the local people and areas of Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Nazca.

Family Cari - Amantani

Family Cari - Amantani

We will be staying with Richard Cari and his folks on the Island of Amantani at the Kantuta Lodge. Guillermo Seminario will be our host for most of the trip. This will be our tenth year in Peru, and are grateful of all the wonderful friends and family we now have in this soulful country. Says R. Richards, “I’m also looking forward to getting back to Huaraz to visit with my godchild and his family at Restaurant Salud Y Vida.