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Sunapee Green-Up Day – May 2, 2009


Sunapee, New Hampshire, (US), is creating a day dedicated to cleaning up, and education. The mission of the group creating this day, ” is to start a new Sunapee tradition; a town-wide road side clean-up day that fosters community spirit & volunteerism; educates about littering & recycling; and is fun for all”. If you’d like more information on the Green-up Day, head to their website.

Community members present at the first meeting were Tony Bergeron, Rhonda Gurney, Kathy & Steve Gray, Heather Cantagollo, Patricia Halpin, Charlotte Brown, RoseMarie Batto, Scott Blewitt, Diana Wyman, Donna Gazelle, Ron Verblauw, Ellie Goddard, Meagan Reed, Barbara Cooper, Denise & Monica Preston, Greg & Kathy Meyer, David Rowell, and Barbara Chalmers.  There seems to be good support by the numbers of people who attended this meeting.

Mountain Spirit and its board members are excited about this new development in Sunapee, and will support this event in some form.
Many thanks to the community members listed above.