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MSI Presents at Education Conference


MSI Founder Randy Richards and fellow board member Bob Stremba presented a workshop at the 38th Annual International Conference of the Association of Experiential Education in *Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference was loaded with keynote speakers, meetings, networking , and other events and activities, although the workshops are its foundation.

Outdoor instructors, program managers and administrators traveled from as far away as Japan and Ecuador to be at the conference.  Attendees that attend the workshops are rejuvenated and inspired to delve deeper into their practices.

Richards’ and Stremba’s workshop was about introducing spiritual practice into experiential education, and was well attended.


Krag shows video of his father, Willi Unsoeld

Bud Wilson of Sacred Passage, and Krag Unsoeld of Washington State (who also presented, see above) attended and added to the conversation during the workshop. This year the association featured over 120 workshops. For more information on AEE see their website at or Mountain Spirit’s website at

* A strange place for outdoor educators to meet. More on this in another post.
For more on Willi Unsoeld.

Changing Educational Paradigms


Krag Unsoeld from Washington State, sent this video link to me yesterday, and I found it inspiring. Thanks Krag.