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Best Tourist Survey ’09


Japanese Travelers Top the List in Expedia’s Annual Global Best Tourist Survey

Good Tourists

Good Tourists

Americans Considered Noisy and Not the Best Dressers, but Earn Points for Trying Local Cuisine and Making an Effort to Speak the Language

Expedia, the world’s leading online travel company, today released the findings of a global survey seeking to crown the world’s best tourists and measure travelers based on their best and worst travel traits and habits.  More than 4,000 hoteliers from
across the globe provided opinions on the best overall travelers, as well as
10 specific categories grading popularity, behavior, manners, willingness to
learn the language and try local cuisine, generosity, tidiness, volume, fashion sense and propensity to complain.  The Japanese won top prize and are considered by hoteliers across the globe as overall the best tourists.  German and British tourists tied for second place, followed by the Canadians and Swiss.  American tourists came in at number 11 overall.
American Tourists Score High and Low: (more…)