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A Guide’s Pack: Backcountry Mountaineering


By Kurt Hicks

A backcountry mountaineering pack

Backcountry mountaineering, you say?  How is that different from traditional mountaineering?  Well, it’s in the approach distance.  Most mountaineering trips in the Cascades require a few hours of hiking to get from the car to a high camp, usually on well-maintained trails and easy sub-alpine terrain.  This isn’t the case for my upcoming objective; I’m headed into the most remote volcano in the Cascades this week–Glacier Peak–and have a 20 mile one-way distance car-to-summit to contend with.

So how does my strategy change for backcountry mountaineering?  Initially, I wasn’t thinking that there would be much of a difference, but there must be given the amount of time I’ve spent with my gear today.  My main concern, as usual, is weight. Read the rest of Kurt’s post…

Editor’s Note: The American Mountain Guides Association recommended Kurt’s blog last month, and I’ve ended up subscribing to it for good reason- Tons of good info and perspective, and well written stuff by a nice guy. If you get a moment, check out his blog. You’ll see a few more lead-ins to his posts on our blog because we like what he’s up to!