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Trying to Find Aljazeera?


By Randall Richards

Control Room - The Movie

Trying to find Aljazzeera in the U.S.? Good luck. It’s not easy. Our media blackout is not total however. You can see an online version of their TV broadcast. It’s not what you’ve been told. We have found them to be very balanced and professional over the years.  As a side note, if you’ve not seen the DVD  The Control Room, about Aljazeera’s balanced coverage during the early stages of the Iraq invasion, and its the subsequent “mistaken” missile attack by U.S. forces on its Badgad Bureau, you ought to see it (Netflix).

When we lead programs in Peru, the cable TV provided in hotel rooms almost always has Aljazeera. It’s a fresh perspective. We encourage you to check it out online at .

The American Bedouin


Reconnecting with a Mentor
By R. Richards, MSI Founder

Screen Shot of "American Bedouin"

Screen Shot of "American Bedouin"

According to an excellent 2007 Aljazeera Feature video, Erga Rehns  has been living the life of a Bedouin in the desert with the Bedouin tribes of Wadi Rum  for seven years. I’m not sure if she still does though. I’ll have to do more research in order to contact her again. The last, (and first) time I saw her in person was in 1981, when we first met at her little art studio and home in Obidos, Portugal.

Some people are lucky enough to be a primed for a turning point in their young lives, and come across just the right person at the right time that poses questions, and challenges one’s view of the world – who plants the seed for a paradigm shift. Most people aren’t’ aware they’re ready for that change, until years later, when they realize the shift was primed by those mentors. (more…)