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Peruvian Music Video: Cusco


Online Release of Chimu Inka DVD
By Randall Richards

Chimu Inka Cover #3

Chimu Inka's 3rd CD

This is short version of a video, taken a few years ago on the streets of Cusco. It’s a project to promote¬† my good friends, and Mountain Spirit Institute Program Chimu Inka and their US educational tour. The band toured the northeast US in the fall of 2008 and we have plans to sponsor their return again in 2010. These guys are amazing.

If you would like to help support their tour by a donation or help with logistics, please let us know. Their first tour was hugely popular, and we expect their second visit to be so too.
The group performed and taught about the spirit of Peruvian Folklore music in their country. They also spoke of their instruments and lifestyle in Peru in a series of Q&A sessions after and during their performances. They visited schools, universities, kindergartens, town bandstands and coffeehouses.
Although I’ve had this video on disk for a year, I’m finally getting it online tonight. This is a shortened version of the original production. The higher definition and longer version is available for purchase through our Fair Trade page.¬† I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed taping and producing it. Enjoy!