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Study:’Green’ Exercise Boosts Mental Health


Child in Woods = It's Natural

LONDON – A new study finds that just five minutes of exercise in a “green space” such as a park can boost mental health.

Researchers at the University of Essex looked at 1,250 people and found that walking, cycling, fishing, boating or horseback riding in a park, garden or nature trail can boost mood and self-esteem.

The biggest effect was seen within just five minutes, and even more positive results were seen when people exercised in an area that also contained water, such as a lake or river.
“We believe that there would be a large potential benefit to individuals, society and to the costs of the health service if all groups of people were to self-medicate more with green exercise,” said co-researcher Jo Barton.

The study is detailed in the Environmental Science and Technology journal. Also see Richard Louv’s website. He’s the author of Last Child in the Woods.