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Tulsi Gabbard on Russia, Ukraine and Preventing Nuclear Holocaust


Former US Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, again knocks it out of the park with this video expressing her concerns about the potential threats facing us worldwide. The idiots with their finger on the trigger are in charge. She and her guest Jeffery Sachs, discuss the situation:

Google Translator


By D.R. Richards

Easy to use Translator

I use Google Translator quite often for composing emails that I send to businesses in Peru. I admit it,  I’m cheating, but when dealing with businesses, it’s often a more reliable way to get my point across, and not cost mistakes, and money. If you’ve not needed Google Translator, you might find it fun to type a few words in English and see what it spits out at the other end, in Chinese or Russian.
We’ve had some Russian interest in one of our posts by Amanda Richards,  “Rebuilding the Machu Picchu Ruins” .  A Russian website has a link, and one of our photos on their site, so I decided to post a reply in Russian. I wonder if they’ll read it!
Рэнди Ричардс
Горный институт Дух

From Mt. Hood to Russia


Bob Stremba

Bob Stremba

M.S.I. VP/Board member and fellow spirit adventurer Bob Stremba, EdD, is heading for Oregon and Washington State tomorrow  to take a bit of time off between semesters running the Adventure Education Department at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He’s also headed north to climb on Mt. Hood’s southern route again. He’ll be climbing the route with fellow board members of the Association of Experiential Education. Over the years, Bob has also summited Mt. Rainer twice,  as well as Mt. Baker and Mt. Adams.

After his trip to the Northwest, Bob will be flying to Russia where he’ll be going into classrooms,  facilitating group team building initiatives for Russian students. When I asked how his conversational Russian was coming along, he said he’ll have a translator.  However he is working on the written language a bit,  I assume so he can write a bit on blackboards and flip-charts.  Stremba applied for, and was selected to be the lead (and solo) facilitator for this program.   At program’s end, Bob will finish in western Russian – which is only a two hour train ride to Finland, so he figured he might as well leave Russia from the western border. If  we’re lucky, we’ll get some updates on this blog during his travels. We wish him the best on his program and further travels to Finland after program’s end.